Digital Marketing Is Changing

Digital marketing is changing how we all do business. What works, what doesn’t? What worked a year ago, doesn’t work today. Google alone makes $100 million a day on paid search. Is it worth the investment? Does it work? There are new digital products coming out on the market everyday. While digital has the advantage of providing reporting click-thru-rates, impressions served, conversions, etc., it is challenging to know whether at the end of the day your digital campaign actually worked. Is your business up? All the fancy reports in the world really don’t make a difference, it’s how many widgets you sold.

The bottom line is, all marketing works if it is done correctly. But, it works best with a multi-media, multi-prong approach. Any business that relies entirely on digital will quickly find that digital on it’s own doesn’t do the job as well without the help of it’s traditional media partners like television or radio. The fastest growing advertisers on television and radio are internet companies like Wayfair, Amazon, Google,, and countless more. In order to get the results you expect from digital, you need traditional media to be the work horse pushing traffic to the internet and to your website.

Don’t abandoned traditional media for the new shiny penny on the market. But, rather marry the two. Develop a strong traditional media/digital campaign and see how great that combo works together. And, don’t forget social. Social media will continue to grow as we all rely more on communicating and doing research on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap Chat. Here are some of the newest trends in digital and how they will change in 2018.


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